Biotech Hub, Bajali College

Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology initiated the establishment of Biotech Hubs under the special programme for the northeastern states in 2009. The broad purpose of the programme is to promote education and research in Biology/Life Science/Biotechnology/Biochemistry and to attract brilliant young students to build their career in these fields.

A well equipped Biotech Hub is established at Bajali College last year, under the grant of DBT, India. The basic facilities like Bacteriological incubators, laminar flow, water baths, pH meter, autoclaves, hot air ovens, micro-centrifuge machine, microscope and gel documentation instruments have been procured in the hub.

The objectives of the biotech hub are to popularize the knowledge of biotechnology and its applications among the students and researchers and to train up students with sophisticated instrumental facility with international standard.

Currently working as Project Fellow: Mr. Abhijit Bhuyan

For more details contact:

  • Dr. Jitumani Rajbongshi, Asst. Prof Dept. of Chemistry
  • Contact no. 9864623699
  • Email id: