College at a Glance

Date & year of establishment (Arts stream)


Date & year of Commencement of Science stream

1959 (I.Sc. Class)

Year of commencement of Commerce Stream

2007 (Degree course)

Year of First Public formed Governing Body


Date & year of First Govt. formed Governing body


Founder Principal

Kameswar Das, Msc. B.L. (now late)

Year in which the college came under deficit system of grants-in-aid

Arts Stream – 1963 Science Stream - 1966

Date & year in which the college was provincialised


Year of opening P.G. Courses

Zoology-1981, 16 seats

Geography-1982, 20 seats

Assamese-2006, 30 seats

Mathematics-2017, 20 seats

Period in which the college was qualified to receive U.G.C. grant

During 3rd five year plan

Accreditation by NAAC

B++ Grade on 08-01-2004

A Grade on 23-01-2017

Courses Offered

U.G. (Arts, Sc. & Com) Major courses in 17 subjects, U.G. (Arts, Sc. & Com) general courses in 23 subjects, P.G. Courses In Geography, Zoology, Assamese , Mathematics and Higher Secondary courses in Arts & Science.

Other Modes Of Learning

A study centre of Distance and Open Learing (IDOL) of Gauhati University offering P.G. UG, UGD & PGD courses in a host of subjects. Besides, the college has a study centre (code-0411) of Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), which offers 16 different programmes, Vocational Courses in Tourism & Travel Management (TTM) and a few local area specific  courses like Theatre studies. More over there also a Bachelor course of Mass Communication and Journalism.

The Master Plan of the College

The Master Plan of the college covers all the aspects that an educational institute requires. Separate science and arts buildings, Residential complexes for college employees, sports complexes, designated parking places etc.


Bajali College Promotional Video

The sixty years old glorious college has got a shape which is reflected in following short promotional video.

Watch the Promotional Video