College Magazine

The Editorial Board (56th Edition) of the College proudly presents its unique creation in the form of the Annual Magazine ‘BAJALIAN’ every year.

Each year, the secretary of the magazine, team of editors, designers, photographers, and correspondents, in addition to generating creative content from the student population, work extensively to report on events in and around college. The magazine continues to expand its reach to achieve its vision of being a truly representative student publication. The final publication reflects and encompasses the diversity inherent to the academic, cultural and sports activities of the College.

The Editorial Board

President: Dr. Manoj Kr. Mahnata

Advisor(s): Mrs. Namita Choudhury, Mr. Sarat Chandra Talukdar

Secretary: Mr. Sourav Kumar Sarma

Teacher Member(s): Mrs. Chitra Rani Deka, Mr. Kanak Das, Dr. Jyotismoy Bora

Student Member(s): Mr. Rakesh Talukdar, Mr. Suprakash Das, Mr. Dhritiman Kalita

Cover page design: Mr. Pranab Kalita

Photographs: Mr. Rahul Patgiri,Mr. Sourav Kr. Nath,Mr. Jyotismoy Haloi,Mr. Hirakjyoti Bhuyan,Mr. Parsha Patgiri