Faculty of Arts

Department of Assamese

The department of Assamese started its UG course in 1962 and PG course in 2007. The department is dedicated to impart knowledge amongst the students about the cultural heritage of Assam through books, survey, case study, educational tour, and students’ cultural activities. Not only that to create awareness specially amongst the Major students about the origin, formation and development of the Assamese language and to develop creative writing capacity of students the department also occasionally organises seminar, literary competition etc.. The department is also priviledged to have visited by many national level personalities over the years. The departmental library has books over 1600 and more 120 journals.

Wallmagazine: Arohan published yearly

List of Faculty Members:


Dr. Binita Bora Dev Choudhury, M.A.,Ph.D.

  • SpecializationLiterature
  • email id: binitabora68@gmail.com
  • contact number: 9435123959

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Mrs. Namita Choudhury, M.A. Associate Prof. ,Head of the Department & Associate Prof.

  • SpecializationLanguage
  • email id**********
  • contact number: 9435124699


Dr. Bhupen Talukdar, M.A., Ph.D., Assistant Prof.

  • SpecializationLiterature
  • email id**********
  • contact number: 9435341551

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Dr. Kalpana Pathak, M.A. PhD. Assistant Prof. (Senior Grade)

  • SpecializationLanguage
  • email id**********
  • contact number: 9854424740

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Dr. Bipul Kakati, M.A. PhD, Assistant Prof.

  • SpecializationLiterature
  • email id**********
  • contact number: 9707935773

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Departmental Bearer:


  • Hemanta Malakar
  • Contact no.: 9854243854

Deparment of Geography

Geography has been a long tradition at Bajali College. It has expanded many time since its beginning in 1955. The department started its UG course under Gauhati University in 1955 and now is one of PG departments in the college. The department is located in first floor of the Science building.

The questions we ask, the philosophies and methodologies we draw upon, embrace the natural and social sciences as well as the humanities and today our department has become a flourishing and expanding academic community committed to high standards of teaching and learning which is probably why we get students from various part of not only from this state but also from the neighbouring states.

Undergraduate teaching has continued to evolve in response to new challenges in the subject and in recent years we are equipped with skills related to quantitative methods, field techniques, ICT, data handling and analysis (Two GPS systems and One GIS software ver. Arc GIS 10.1), cartographic display and production, and written and verbal communication skills to address the spatial and temporal dimensions of these kind of problems. Our library has over 1637 books and more than 133 journals.

Wallmagazine:   Geographica   published yearly

List of Faculty Members:


Sri Sarat Chandra Talukdar, M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil., Head of the Department & Associate Prof.

  • SpecializationRegional Planning
  • email id**********
  • contact number: 9613954861


Mrs. Bina Talukdar  M.A., Associate Prof.

  • SpecializationPolitical Geography
  • email id***********
  • contact number: 9435481756


Dr. Bikul Barman, M.Sc., Ph.D.

  • SpecializationFluvial Geomorphology
  • email id: bikulbarman@gmail.com
  • contact number: 9954081534

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Dr. Jyotishmoy Bora, M.A.,B.Ed. , PGDCA, Ph.D., Assistant Prof. (Senior Grade).

  • SpecializationCartography
  • email id: jyotishmoybora@gmail.com
  • contact number: 9435296410

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Dr. Dipak Baruah, M.A.,M.Phil.,B.Ed.,L.L.B., Assistant Prof.

  • SpecializationFluvial Geomorphology
  • email id: dipakbaruah3@gmail.com
  • contact number: 9859204404

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Dr. Prasenjit Das, M.A.,M.Phil, B.Ed., Ph.D, Assistant Prof.

  • SpecializationAdvanced Geomorphology
  • email id: prasenjitdas11@yahoo.co.in
  • contact number: 9613833548

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Dr. Bharati Gogoi, M.A. PhD, Assistant Prof.

  • Specialisation: Population Geography, Health Geography & Statistical Methods for Geography
  • email id: bharati_gogoi@rediffmail.com
  • Contact number: 8638081128

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Miss Lonkham Baruah, M.A. MPhil. Assistant Prof.

  • Specialisation: Remote Sensing and GIS
  • email id: lonkham.nhk@gmail.com
  • Contact number: 9706247687

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Laboratory Bearers:

  • Jadav Talukdar
  • Contact no.: 8486276814

  • Sanjib Talukdar (contractual)
  • Contact no.: 9954041939

Department of History

Our undergraduate major course under Gauhati University is based on the belief that knowledge about the past forever changes how we think about ourselves now. The curriculum challenges students to think critically about the world around them and their place within it.

Our principal goal in the undergraduate classroom is to develop the intellectual breadth and analytical skills of our students. To that end, our courses emphasize working with both primary and secondary sources and developing acuity in critical writing.

Wallmagazine:  Oitjya  published yearly.

List of Faculty Members:


Sri Arindam Talukdar, M.A., DTT (Head of the Department & Associate Prof.)

  • SpecializationEntire History
  • email id: arindambablutalukdar@gmail.com
  • contact number: 9435113830


Sri Mukul Patgiri, M.A., Assistant Prof. (Selection Grade)

  • Specialization: Modern History
  • email id: mukulpatgiri56@gmail.com
  • contact number: 9954264882

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Mr. Anupal Saikia, M.A., Assistant Prof.

  • Specialization: Modern History
  • email id: saikia.anupal567@gmail.com
  • contact number: 9864502440

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Mr. Suren Das. MA.

  • Specialization: Modern History
  • email id: surendas@gmail.com
  • contact number: 9859808620

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Department of Sanskrit

The Department of Sanskrit is also one of the oldest departments of the college established in the year 1968. The vision of the department is to preserve and enrich the oriental learning, culture, philosophy and thought by virtue of deep studies of both Vedic and Classical Sanskrit Literature. Disciples are taught all important subjects including religion, philosophy, mathematics, astrology, economics, law, medicine, Agriculture, history, geography, etc. besides making them masters in Sanskrit language, literatures and grammar (mostly Ratnamala and scantly Panini). The departmental library is equipped with a number of books more than 150.

Wallmagazine: Gayatri published yearly

List of Faculty Members:


Dr. Khagendra Nath Deva Sarma, (M.A., BT, Ph.D., Associate Prof. )

  • SpecializationLiterature
  • email id: kndsarma1@gmail.com
  • contact number: 9435736879

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Dr. Runima Sarma, M.A. Ph.D., Head of the Department & Associate Prof.

  • SpecializationLiterature
  • email id: runi_ma@yahoo.com
  • contact number: 9435736561

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Dr. Rashmi Devi, M.A., Ph.D , Assistant Prof. (Senior Grade)

  • SpecializationPhilosophy
  • email id: rashmibaba14@gmail.com
  • contact number: 9957472040

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Dr. Banashree Sarkar, M.A. Ph.D. Assistant Prof.

  • Specialisation: Darshan
  • email id: mail.banashre@gmail.com
  • contact number: 9864261728

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Department of Philosophy

Science gives us the knowledge but only philosophy gives us the wisdom.

Will Durant

Philosophy is the pursuit of wisdom and is one of the oldest human intellectual enterprises that develops critical reasoning skills, clarity in thought and language. The department of philosophy was established in 1962 and since then learning Philosophy here is not only the preparation for the university curriculum but also has become useful to those who are thinking about certain post-college careers in law, business, education, politics, medicine, and social activism. Apart from that one of the faculty members is also engaged as Academic counselor/resource person for IGNOU, IDOL. The seminar library of the department has a pack of more 200 books which can be used.

Wallmagazine : Prakashatu Gyanam published yearly

List of Faculty Members:


Dr. Karuna Mohan Sarma, M.A., J.D. Ph.D., Associate Prof.

  • SpecializationLogic
  • email id: karunamohansarma@gmail.com
  • contact number: 9435124784

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Mrs. Chandana Das, M.A. (Head of the Department & Associate Prof.)

  • SpecializationReligion
  • email id: chandanadas664@gmail.com
  • contact number: 8876507087

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Mr. Dipen Tayung, M.A. Assistant. Prof.

  • SpecializationLogic
  • email id: dipen_tayung@rediffmail.com
  • contact number: 8011569984

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Dr. Jaba Sarma, MA, PhD, Assistant. Prof.

  • SpecializationReligion
  • email id: sharmapahi@gmail.com
  • contact number: 9854491135

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Department of English

The Department of English was established with the inception of Bajali College in 1962. Over these years our students have shown excellent performance in the university examination, bagging top ranks consistently, earning a great reputation for the College and the Department. Faculties of the department belongs to wide variety of specialization which helps the students not only in gaining the knowledge but also getting the flavours of different cultures of the world. Also apart from imparting instruction at the undergraduate level, influencing work on a large scale in new and challenging areas is being conducted by the faculty as well as the students. This department has been fortunate in respect of the visits of creative writers academic stalwarts of international repute like Prof. Avinash Binniwale from Mumbai University. The library has a stock of more than 100 books.

Wallmagazine: Wheels of Thought published yearly

List of Faculty Members:


Sri Deba Prasad Misra, M.A., L.L.B.(Head of the Department & Associate Prof.)

  • SpecializationLanguage
  • email id**********
  • contact number: 9435119236


Mrs. Chitra Rani Deka, M.A. M.Phil, Lecturer

  • Specialization: American Literature
  • email id**********
  • contact number: 9435124804


Dr. Arun Kumar Sarma, M.A. Ph.D, Assistant Prof.

  • Specialization: American Literature
  • email idaks9311@gmail.com
  • contact number: 9435124462


Jnanesh Roy Choudhury, MA, MPhil

  • Specialization: Indian English Literature
  • email idjnanesh58@gmail.com
  • contact number9707822484


Miss Aniheeta Langthasa, MA, MPhil, Assistant Prof.

  • Specialization: American Literature & Women’s Studies
  • email idaniheeta21@gmail.com
  • contact numberN/A

Department of Political Science

The Department of Political Science, of Bajali College, since its inception in the year 1962 enjoys an exceptional reputation in teaching in the discipline. The motto of the department is, to engage with teaching and learning of a high standard and quality in the field of the subject with an interdisciplinary approach, and ther by to make a man of creative thinking which can tackle with the problems of our social realities with a commitment to understand, analyse and find solutions to them. The department is located in the third floor of the library building and has a library equipped with more than 330 books.

Wallmagazine: Payodhi published yearly

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Sri Manoj Kumar Das, M.A.  Associate Prof. & Head of the Department

  • SpecializationSociology
  • email id: monojkumardas13@yahoo.in
  • contact number: 9435320532

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Sri Jadav Chandra Basumatary, M.A., Assistant Prof. (Selection Grade)

  • Specialization: International Politics & Political Parties
  • email id: **********
  • contact number: 9435723247

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  • IMG_20161101_210404
  • Sri Anjan Sarma, M.A. M.Phil , Assistant Prof. (Selection Grade)
  • SpecializationInternational Politics
  • email id: anjansarma62@yahoo.com
  • contact number: 9707029572

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  • Vacant

Department of Economics

You don’t make the poor richer by making the rich poorer”.. Winston Churchill

Welcome to the undergraduate department of economics at Bajali College. The locality of the department is near the RCC boys hostel. We offer to the students a primary concentration and a secondary field. Our concentration is mainly on the developement of the students in such a way that they can cop up with the fast evolving society in various aspects as a better human being and as for attachment of field we have a tie up with our sister departments, TTM and Commerce. The Department besides its regular teaching programs conducts educational tours for the students, Organises Blood Donation Camp, Career Counseling programs, Organises entrepreneurship and skill development programme under Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship, Guwahati. We provide class rooms eqiupped with ICT facility and a library over 600 books.

Wallmagazine: Ecclectica published yearly

List of Faculty Members:


Sri Sirish Kumar Sarma, M.A., PGDRD (IGNOU) Associate Prof .

  • SpecializationApplied Statistics
  • email id: **********
  • contact number: 9854375148


Mrs. Ritu Barua, M.Sc. (Head of the department & Associate Prof .)

  • SpecializationEconometrics & Mathematical Economics
  • email id: ritzbarua72@yahoo.co.in
  • contact number: 9435191208

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Sri Parag Barman, M.A., M.Phil. Assistant Prof.( Senior Grade)

  • SpecializationInternational Economics
  • email id: paragbarman9440@gmail.com
  • contact number: 9435423987

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Sri Raju Das, M.A., M.Phil., Assistant Prof. (Senior Grade)

  • SpecializationEconometrics
  • email id: rajudasbajali@g.com
  • contact number: 9957903415

Department of Education

The Department of Education is one of the very recent departments was established in the year 1996. Even though the department does offer major courses but it has been constantly striving to initiate innovation in its academic progression, and after introduction of Semester courses by Gauhati University. Thus this Department has been playing a vital role in the field of teaching and learning since 1996. The departmental library is equipped with more than 50 books.

Wallmagazine: Shiksha Prabah published yearly

List of Faculty Members:


Sri Jayanta Das, M.A. (Head of the Department), Assistant Prof.

  • Specialization: Psychology
  • email id: jayantakrdas1@g.com
  • contact number: 9706721602

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Mrs. Gitika Kalita, MA Assistant Prof.

  • SpecializationEducational Management
  • email id: gitikabarama@gmail.com
  • contact number: 9435688520

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Department of Tourism and Travel Management

This department is one of the recent departments only established in the year 2001 and currently under the surveillance of dynamic Arindam Talukdar. This course gives students the basics in navigating the travel and tourism industry. Students in these classes learn about the issues related to business and resource management, tourism’s effect on the world economy and the political impact of tourism. Some introductory travel and tourism classes detail the many positions available for travel and tourism students; these include hotel manager, airline manager, event planner, travel agent and others. The department is fortunate enough to have visited by many prominent figures in recent years. There is a library equipped with more 120 books and a journal.

Wallmagazine: Prayatak published halfyearly


Sri Arindam Talukdar, M.A., DTT, Co-ordinator., Associate Prof.

  • Email id: arindambablutalukdar@gmail.com
  • Contact no.: 9435113830

Department of Mass Communication and Journalism

The Bachelor of Mass Communication and Journalism Studies program at Bajali College provides an in-depth education and training opportunity to students willing and able to undertake the rigors of both academic and industrial learning in the profession of Journalism. Growing from a traditional, hands-on, professionally oriented communication and journalism programme, the Department represents the best kind of synergy between the how-to skills of professional communication and journalism and the whys and wherefores of critical thinking, theory and philosophy on which communication is based.


  • phil_Karuna
  • Dr. Karuna Mohan Sarma, M.A., PhD, Co-ordinator., Associate Prof.
  • Email id: karunamohansarma@gmail.com
  • Contact no.: 9435124784

  • bmc_sharmistha
  • Miss Sharmistha Das, MAMC
  • email id: dashsharmistha0@gmail.com
  • Contact no. 8724928040