Faculty of Science

Department of Physics

Located on the scenic campus of the college, the Department of Physics started its activity in 1959 and then in 1962 it started its undergraduate classes and there is no looking back since then. Headed by Dr. Arup Bharali, the department today is an active beehive of both teaching and learning.

Apart from the flexibility in conducting tests and examinations by the members of the department they are also very active in extension programmes, in reaching out to students and the general public, organizing teacher training programmes for high schools, demonstration lectures for high school and undergraduate students.

Wallmagazine : Pratiphalan published yearly

List of faculty members:

Dr. Arup Bharali, M.Sc. , Ph.D.,

  • Specialization: Theoretical Physics
  • email id: arup.brp@gmail.com
  • contact number: 9435321412

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Dr. Manoranjan Talukdar, M.Sc., Ph.D. Head of the Department & Associate Prof.

  • Specialization: Theoretical Physics
  • email id: tmanoranjan1@yahoo.com
  • contact number: 9864494511

Sri Swapnajyoti Sarma, M.Sc. M.Phil, Assistant Prof.

  • SpecializationElectronics
  • email id: swapnajyoti@gmail.com
  • contact number: 9864381999

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Sri Dhanjit Talukdar, M.Sc., M.Phil, B.Ed., Assistant Prof.

  • Specialization: Theoretical Physics
  • email id: tdhanjit@gmail.com
  • contact number: 8876976099

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Sri Apurba Talukdar, M.Sc., M.Phil., Assistant Prof.

  • SpecializationSpectroscopy
  • email id: apu3talukdar@gmail.com
  • contact number: 9435320517

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Dr. Upakul Mahanta, M.Sc., PhD Assistant Prof.

  • Specialization: Astrophysics & Plasma Physics
  • email id: upakulmahanta@gmail.com
  • contact number: 9706542382

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  • List of Laboratory Bearers:


    Mr. Mathura Das

    • Contact No.: 9435328356


    Mr. Paramananda Malakar

    • Contact No. 9864394468

Department of Chemistry

Established in the year 1959 and starting the journey in UG level from 1962 the department is committed to students gaining versatile aspects of chemistry in connection with the university curriculum. The department is located in the ground floor of the science building. The rigors of academic study at each level are balanced with a number of other related activities, which include co-curricular activities like sports and other awareness programs. Special lectures on varied topic of academic relevance are held. The Department is intended for students who are primarily interested in careers as professional chemists or wish a thorough grounding in chemistry in preparation for professional or graduate school in chemistry and related disciplines since it has collaboration with prominent universities along with other departments of relevance. Alumnies of this department are serving in various national and internationally recognized institutions.

Wallmagazine : Crystal published yearly

List of Faculty members:

  • chem_chandana
  • Dr. (Mrs.) Chandana Sarma, M.Sc., M.Phil, Ph.D. Vice-Principal, Head of the Department & Associate Prof.
  • Specialization: Organic Chemistry
  • email id: sarma.chandana@rediffmail.com
  • contact number: 9435123413

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  • chem_Rupam_Patgiri
  • Dr. Rupam Patgiri, M.Sc., Ph,D., Assistant Prof.
  • Specialization: Inorganic Chemistry
  • email id: rupam_pchem@rediffmail.com
  • contact number: 9435191591

  • chem_Rajib_Sarma
  • Dr. Rajib Lochan Sarma, M.Sc., Ph.D., Assistant Prof.
  • Specialization: Physical Chemistry
  • email id: rajiblochan2007@rediffmail.com
  • contact number: 9864206315

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  • chem_Dipjyoti_Kalita
  • Dr. Dipjyoti Kalita. M.Sc. Ph.D, Assistant Prof.
  • Specialization: Organic Chemistry
  • email id: kalitadipjyoti@gmail.com
  • contact number9864758619

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  • chem_jitu
  • Dr. Jitumani Rajbongshi, M.Sc. Ph.D., Assistant Prof.
  • Specialization: Inorganic Chemistry
  • email id: jitu.sangu@gmail.com
  • contact number9864623699

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  • Vacant

List of Laboratory Bearers:

  • chem_Barua
  • Mr. Gautam Barua
  • Contact No. 9954362858

  • chem_jiten
  • Mr. Jitendra Boro

Department of Mathematics

Mathematics, hailed as the “Queen of Sciences” by Carl Fredrich Gauss, dreaded by many and loved by an equal number, has progressed rapidly since the beginning of recorded history. From its inception since 1962 to the present, the Department of Mathematics is providing a stimulating teaching environment for the undergraduate and higher secondary students and has evolved and grown in several directions with a healthy balance between pure and applied mathematics. The department is bound to transform young people to competent and motivated professionals with sound theoretical and practical knowledge to produce post-graduate students with strong foundation to join research or to serve in industry.

Wallmagazine: Prantabindu published yearly

List of Faculty Members:


Dr. Sajal Kumar Das, M.Sc., Ph. D., M.Phil, Head of the Department & Associate Prof.

  • Specialization: Applied Mathematics
  • email id: sajall2003@yahoo.co.in
  • contact number: 9401159186

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Mrs. Archana Das Khataniar, M.Sc., B.Ed,

  • Specialization: Applied Mathematics
  • email id: archanakhataniar@gmail.com
  • contact number: 9864204876

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Dr. Manmohan Das, M.Sc., PhD. Assistant Prof. (Senior Grade)

  • Specialization: Applied Mathematics
  • email id: mdas.bajali@gmail.com
  • contact number: 9435736592


Sri Nabajit Saha, M.Sc., M.Tech., Assistant Prof.

  • Specialization: Pure Mathematics
  • email id: nabajit123@gmail.com
  • contact number: 9435195414

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  • Vacant

Department of Zoology

Founded in 1962, the Department of Zoology has been one of the leading departments in the college and is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and learning, educate through the recent scientific discoveries, engage society in the science of whole organisms with a particular focus on animals so that this lead to health and human wellbeing .Thus it has not only provided up-to-date teaching but also has become a centre of learning the rich biodiversity, culture and tradition of this region.

Apart from the UG courses the department is also running the post graduate course under Gauhati University from the year 1981. The PG department offers specialization in Cell & molecular biology, Entomology and Fish biology & fishery science. The department also has a museum where some of the rarest specimens have been kept.

The laboratory is equipped with numerous instruments which may be used for even research purpose. A large number of its students are holding, besides government jobs, important faculty positions in the Colleges, Universities and Research Institutions of the N.E. region and other parts of the country.

Wallmagazine: Zoologica published yearly

List of Faculty Members:


Sri Ranjit Kumar Dutta, M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed., Associate Prof.

  • SpecializationEntomology
  • email id: rdtbajalird@gmail.com
  • contact number8011341581


Dr. Pradip Kumar Sarma, M.Sc., Ph.D.,Associate Prof. & Head of the Department

  • SpecializationFishery
  • email id: pradip13sarma@gmail.com
  • contact number: 9435123692

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Mrs. Dipika Kalita Deka, M.Sc., M.Phil. , Assistant Prof. (Senior Grade)

  • SpecializationEntomology
  • email id: **********
  • contact number: 9435914356

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Dr. Akshay Kumar Haloi, M.Sc., Ph.D., Assistant Prof.

  • SpecializationEcology
  • email id: akshayhaloi@yahoo.com
  • contact number: 9707701839

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Sri Manoj Rajbangshi, M.Sc., M.Phil., Assistant Prof.

  • Specialisation: Fishery
  • email id: **********
  • contact number: 9854410229


Dr. Puranjit Das, M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed., LL.B., , Ph.D., Assistant Prof.

  • SpecialisationCell Biology
  • email id: puranjitbajali@gmail.com
  • contact number: 9854159617


Mrs. Arundhati Gogoi, MSc. BEd. Mphil, Assistant Prof.

  • Specialisation: Animal Ecology and Wildlife Biology
  • email id: arundhatigogoi27@gmail.com
  • contact number: 9954285805 & 9101124874

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Dr. Alakesh Barman, MSc. PhD. Assistant Prof.

  • Specialisation: Entomology
  • email id: alak2007@gmail.com
  • contact number: 9864292609

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Laboratory Demonstrator:

Mr. Sushil Sarkar, MSc

  • Contact no.: 9957614548

Laboratory Bearers:


Mr. Prasanna Malakar

  • Contact no.: 9577694082


Mr. Tilak Boro

  • Contact no.: 9854376300


Mr. Debajit Bharali

  • Contact no.: to be updated

Department of Statistics

Welcome to the Department of Statistics at Bajali Collge. Statistics has been taught at this institute since 1973 when Prof. Singha Nath Sarma joined as founder head.Since then it has become a full-flaged department and currently located in first floor the science buliding. The strength of the department howerver lies in dedication of the faculty members to develop statistical knowledge and to adapt with the changing scenario of Statistics as a subject and to keep abreast with the best in the emerging fields. The department is equipped with more than 75 books and 5 journals.

Wallmagazine: Sigma published yearly

List of Faculty Members:


Sri Tikendrajit Khataniar, M.Sc. (Double), B.Ed., LL.B. Associate Prof.

  • SpecializationDemography
  • email id**********
  • contact number: 9401226379

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Mrs. Archana Bhattacharya, M.Sc.,

  • SpecializationDemography
  • email id**********
  • contact number: 9859272360

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Sri Dwipendra Narayan Adhikari, M.Sc.,Head of the Department & Associate Prof.

  • SpecializationDemography
  • email id: adhistat60@gmail.com
  • contact number: 9435801342


  • Vacant
  • Vacant

List of Laboratory Bearer:


Mr. Sudhir Kumar Sarma

  • Contact no.: 9954205400

Department of Botany

The Department of Botany, Bajali Collge was established in 1962. Then onwards the department has grown into a well-recognized venue for higher education where learning in structural, functional and evolutionary aspects of Plants is mostly emphasized. The uniqueness of the Department essentially lies in the fact that within the Department’s faculty, there are experts and active members representing almost all areas of plant sciences. The department also possesses the garden where some of the economically important plants like orchids, ferns etc have been cultivated and thus emerging itself as a center for evaluation and conservation of plant biodiversity for the benefits of human civilization.

Wallmagazine: Evergreen published yearly

List of Faculty Members:


Dr. Surendra Mohan Nath, M.Sc., Ph.D.,

  • SpecializationTaxonomy
  • email id: surendra.mn18@gmail.com
  • contact number: 9954069304


Sri Kanak Das, M.Sc., Head of the Department & Associate Prof.

  • Specialization: Physiology
  • email id: daskanak99@gmail.com
  • contact number: 9954263872


  • Vacant
  • Vacant
  • Vacant

List of Laboratory Bearers:


Mr. Pranjit Kalita

  • Contact no.: 8752028387


  • Vacant