Principal’s Column


The twenty first century has witnessed on impressive growth in the area of Higher Education and at the same time, it has created a new environment for education in general and higher education in particular. The rapid change and revolution in the field of information and communication technologies have opened up new vistas and as such, it demands maintenance and sustenance of quality in higher education.

In an age where science and technology is making rapid strides, extent and level of knowledge imparted to the future work force to a large extent decide the fame and fortune of different participants in the global arena. Higher education prepares and equips every society to face the challenges and opportunities of change. It promotes economic, social and cultural development and thus it has a critical role.

Today, an educational institution is not a mere institution to impart syllabus-based instructions, conducting test and examinations, and issuing certificates. Higher education institutions have to be holistic in their strategic oulook and approach to enable the young learners to grow physically, intellectually and spiritually with a sense of high responsibility, capability and ability to be a team builder cum team player.

 Originally established with the twin objectives of promoting science and Women’s education among the economically backward (agrarian) rural populace of the greater Bajali Area in the undivided Kamrup District in the fifties of the last/past (20th Century), the college soon metamorphosed into an institution which synchronises the all- round development of three disciplines – Science, Arts & Commerce. Since its inception on 16-08-1955, besides all odds and constraints, the college grew manifold (in leaps and bounds) and it continues to be a leading teaching institution of higher education in the northern Brahmaputra valley, offering courses starting from H.S. level to Post-Graduate level. A host of dedicated faculties under the supervision of illustrious academicians with dynamic Governing Body have worked continuously to bring the college to its present prestigious position. The college has a picturesque campus sprawling on nearly 52 bighas of land of its own in the lap of nature.

Our constant efforts are particularly to make the students more committed and serious towards Higher Education by creating an optimistic awareness among them. Now, the college wears a newlook. I clearly notice a renewed interest of all students & employees of the college in maintaining santicity & academic discipline under any circumstances.

At this opportune moment, it is my pleasure to welcome you all that our college has reached its present level of excellence due to dedicated teamwork of the teaching and non-teaching staff and constant support & encouragement from management & above all moral support, co-operation & contribution of the people of the greater Bajali area.

Let us collectively join hands together to raise the academic standard to achieve real accolades by creating an atmosphere congenial to intellectual pursuits.

Dr. Chandana Sarma. M. Sc. PhD
Principal i/c
Bajali College, Pathsala